The  Paramedic Ultrasound Research Group requires that all investigations must have ethics approval by an IRB before commencing research activities.
Retrospective ethical approval of collected data are not sufficient.
Members and investigators are expected to maintain professionalism and respectful conduct in all forums; such that association with the research group does not impede the advancement of this group’s mission.
Every patient deserves the best care that it is possible to provide. As such, it is a universal ethical imperative to help raise the clinical prowess of colleagues. This is achieved through education; in this context, ultrasound education should be made as accessible as is feasible to all clinicians willing to learn.
Open access publication and educational materials are central to this mission.
It is an expectation that members and investigators do not derive personal financial benefit from research, nor accept in-kind rewards, or  gifts from industry vendors. Sponsorship which is used directly and specifically for the purposes of undertaking research activities is often necessary for the activities outlined. As such, an honest disclosure of any potential COI’s is expected in all publishable works.